Marijuana Affiliate Programs

Marijuana Affiliate Programs


EntrePOTneur Magazine has been doing extensive research about different Marijuana Affiliate Programs that are online.  If you may have noticed you can see ads for some of these Marijuana Affiliate Programs around, and in some of our posts.

There are a few reasons for us testing out these programs;

  • Google Ad Sense has failed to approve our request for an account because our content is cannabis based.  They say since cannabis is illegal it’s part of their program to not deal with cannabis related material. (Very strange because we see Cannabis Google Ad Sense ads all the time.
  • Since we needed to fill in content on our site, and advertising is the best way to do that, we figured we would look into different Marijuana Affiliate Programs, see what was out there and which ones would work best for us.
  • We wanted to find out what these programs where paying out in commissions, and if it was worth it to ad these to your site.
  • We also wanted to make sure these programs paid on time, and paid what they stated they were going to pay.

There’s nothing worse the having tons of blank space on your website so it looks empty.  It’s also not very attractive when you can’t even find the true content you are looking for on a page because it’s cluttered with ads.  What’s great about Marijuana Affiliate programs is you can pick which ads you want to show on your  site (unlike Google Ad Sense where they randomly put ads based on content on that particular page.)  What also good about this is you can see what ads work for you, and what ads don’t.  We suggest putting a few different different ads for the Marijuana Affiliate Program that you are a part of on different parts of your site. Most of these programs track links back to your site from each ad so you will be able to see which ads are getting the most clicks, and which ones are getting the least clicks. This way you can change the ones that are getting the least clicks out for ones that are getting the most clicks, this optimizing your changes of getting more sales.

When researching Marijuana Affiliate Programs we started noticing things like “EARN 57% Commission on Sales!” (Growing Elite Marijuana Affiliate Program) When you read something like this it’s really hard to believe. Why would someone give you over half of the money that they’re making on a sale to you?  Then being the EntrePOTneur that I am I thought, well he wouldn’t have made that sale if it wasn’t for the affiliate member, so really it makes sense, if it really works.  So we decided to try it, that was October of last year. Every sale that we’ve made we’ve got our correct commission on. (For this program some of the sales you get only 30% or more commission, and there is one product if they purchase you actually make 57% commission.) The first sale we had was this large sale, and we’ve had more sales of that book then any of the smaller commissioned books from that program.  They have always paid their commissions out on time to us. They’re easy to contact by email if you have any questions.  It is a great program. We’ve made most of our affiliate money from this program.

Out of all of the Marijuana Affiliate Programs that we have tested and are currently testing out, all of them have paid out commissions on time. All of them have paid what they said that they were going to pay. We also do our best to track back links. We can see on our websites how many people click on each link, then we can go back and look at our customer tracking on the Marijuana Affiliate Programs to see if they’re logging in all of the clicks. So far everything we have counted has been right. It is easier to count when it’s only a few clicks, but when it starts getting into the 100’s or even 1,000’s of clicks each month, with multiple different programs it does get a little tough for us to keep track of them all.

Here are some of our favorite Marijuana Affiliate Programs that we’re a part of.  If you own any cannabis related websites and are looking to fill in content, or if you’re just looking to make a few extra dollars by putting ads up on your site, we suggest you sign-up and get started below.



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