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Welcome to EntrePOTneur Magazine. EntrePOTneur Magazine is the leading Marijuana Industry Business Magazine Online.  Although a printed version of EntrePOTneur Magazine will be available in mid 2014, there will be and EntrePOTneur smart phone and tablet app around April 2014.

EntrePOTneur Magazine was started to help give those entrepreneurs that are getting into the Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana Industry.  As most of us know, Medical Marijuana has paid off for some business owners, while others can’t wait for the chance for FULL legalization from the federal government, or at least Recreational Marijuana to come to their state.

In 2014 Colorado and Washington State were the first states to put into place regulations and laws to implement the production and distribution of marijuana to individuals over the age of 21.  EntrePOTneur Magazine was there with news and information of the different emerging ancillary businesses, as well as the  “POT Shops” that are started in this very new and very quickly growing industry.

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